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Frequently asked questions and answers

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Repair / service questions

How can I disable the Find My iPhone feature?

The repair of your Apple device can not be started before the Find My iPhone feature is disabled - this feature is automatically activated when you log in to your iCloud account on every device with iOS 7 or later.

There are several options to disable the Find My iPhone feature; it can be disabled through your phone or computer.


For video help, click here.


On your phone:

1. Method: open the Settings/iCloud menu, and then tap the Find My iPhone button. Enter the password for your Apple ID.



2. Method: Open the Settings/iCloud menu, then tap on Delete Account at the bottom to remove the connection between the iCloud account and your phone. Enter the password for your Apple ID.



3. Method: Attention! This leads to complete data loss! Open the Settings/General menu, and tap on the Restore button at the bottom. Here select All Content, delete settings. Confirm the deletion warning popup screens and enter your Apple ID.





Important: the option to delete iPhone will remove the data on the device remotely instead of removing the device from the iCloud account!


1. Open www.icloud.com in a browser, enter your Apple ID and your password.


2. Select Find My iPhone in the menu. If you need to sign in again, enter your Apple ID and password.


3. Here you can see where your device currently is and where you were logged in the last time. (Green active, grey inactive)


4. If the device status is grey (inactive), you can remove the locking through the web. Click on the All Devices item in the top middle part of the screen, then select the device to remove.


5.a If the image of your device shows up in the top right part of the screen, click again in the middle, on the name of your iPhone device, and you can remove it by clicking on the grey X in the scrolldown window (highlighted by red circle)


Confirm the removal


5.b If you can't see the grey X next to the device, click on the device and click on the Remove from account button.



6. If this was successful, you will see the following screen:


How long are the devices covered by guarantee?

Most manufacturers add an additional year of limited gurantee to the obligatory 1 year guarantee.

Exception: Apple products always come with a 1 year guarantee.

The additional year limited manufacturer's guarantee applies to the device only, not the accessories.

Where can I drop off my phone for repair?

You can drop off your device at any dealer shop or reseller for repair.

You can also drop off your defective phone directly at the manufacturer. The manufacturers work with these official service shops listed below:

- Alcatel: TMX Mobile Solution Kft. 2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi u. 2/B.

- Emporia: TMX Mobile Solution Kft. 2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi u. 2/B.

- HTC: has no service center in Hungary

- Huawei: TMX Mobile Solution Kft. 2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi u. 2/B.

- LG: TMX Mobile Solution Kft. 2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi u. 2/B.

- Nokia/Microsoft: Nokia service locations and shops For example: Westend Váci út 1-3.

- Sagem: has no service center in Hungary

- Sony: Cordon Electronics Kft. 1045 Budapest, Széchenyi tér 9.

- Sony Ericsson: Cordon Electronics Kft. 1045 Budapest, Széchenyi tér 9.

How can I download/save the data of my smartphone?

If your phone does not work properly, it is worth saving your data before sending your phone to the service. It is also worth backing up your data from time to time. For example, there might be an error and you may not be able to save the data then; or, the phone is lost.

Unfortunately, there is no uniform solution to saving, it depends on the operating system and the brand.
The best solution is to use a cloud storage service. This means that our data will be saved/synced on a server, protected by your email address/password combination. You need preliminary registration and the payment of the service fee if it's a paying service.

Some examples for such services include Google (Gmail address book, Google drive, Google+), mostly used by Android devices, Microsoft Windows Skydrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox (vendor and operating system-independent), and One Drive.

Just install the app from the webstore (Play, Microsoft, Apple app store) and follow the installation steps.

Some vendors offer computer applications to manage your device, save data or update software.Some of the available solutions are listed here:

Samsung: Samsung KIES and Smart Switch
Sony: Sony PC Companion
LG-Android: LG PC Suite
Apple-iOS: iTunes
Blackberry: For version 7.1 and earlier: Blackberry Desktop Manager, for versions after 7.1: Blackberry Link


In case of a SIM card replacement, you can copy your data to the new card from the old one at the Vodafone shop.

Can I get a replacement phone while my device is being repaired?

If necessary, we provide a replacement device while the phone is being repaired, if there is a suitable device in stock at the service shop.

Please keep in mind that the availability and brand of replacement devices may differ by locations, and depends on the local inventory.

Where do I find the data that should be entered in the Service Monitor application?

You can also request an SMS notification if you dropped off your device at a Vodafone service shop. Basically, everyone is eligible for one.

After the drop-off process is complete, we will send you an SMS with these data, but you can also find it on your proof of receipt:

Sample proof of receipt

How to upgrade the Android operating system on my phone?

Basically, updates are sent directly to the device; the system automatically notifies you about the new version, which is available at a click of a button.Then you have to restart the device and you can start using the new features shortly.

Bigger upgrades often require a computer connection. In this case, there may be huge differences between brands. Sometimes an update is released for a service provider first. In this case, the clients of this service providers can install the updates only, clients outside this group must wait for a certain period.
The software of some devices can be updated from the menu of the device, while in case of other devices, a computer connection is necessary.

If the update is still unsuccessful, please check the user manual of the device.



There may be a problem if the user tries to install an unlocked update on a SIM-locked phone.

How do I find out that my device is back from the service?

We send an SMS when the device is back from service and it can be picked up.

In addition, our Device Service Monitor service lets you track the repair process.

Do downloaded apps and software error have any connection?

Based on our experience, the answer is yes.

While apps in webshops come from verified sources, open-source apps may have developer errors.

If you experience irregularities, most problems can be fixed by removing the latest installed apps. In some cases, however, the issue is deeper, affecting the software of the device. In such cases, a factory reset can be necessary.

Please note that a factory reset will delete all user data; before going ahead, you should save your data! You can find information about saving/backup applications on the manufacturer's websites; please click here.


Depending on the operating system, you will find the factory reset option at different locations:

Android: Settings/Save and restore/

Apple iOS: Settings/General/Restore

Windows Phone: Settings/About

Other questions

What do the letters G, 2G, E, 3G, H mean?

G, 2G - 2G/GPRS network: an average of 20-40 Kbit/s downloading speed
E - 2,5G/EDGE network: an average of 100 Kbit/s downloading speed
3G, H - 3G/HSDPA network: an average of 2-3 Mbit/s downloading speed

Tip: If you don't have Internet on your card, you don't plan to use the Internet for a couple of hours, or you won't synchronize your email account with your phone, then it is worth to change the setting to 2G from 3G. This way, the battery will last longer.

What is a QR code and what is it good for?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes which makes it easy to store and identify linked information.

To read QR codes, you need a mobile phone (capable of running Java apps) with a camera and a software that can be installed on the phone. This will convert the QR code to text.Most new phones have a QR reader software that makes the scanning, saving and various uses of QR codes a lot easier.

QR code

It is sufficient to scan the QR-code, and the phone will immediately display the content of the code.

What are SMS, MMS, and LTE?

SMS: Short Message ServiceYou can send your message with 160 Unicode characters.The number of characters can be influenced by the use of accents. If you ecxeeded the character limit, your phone will send a threaded message with less characters.


MMS: Multimedia Message ServiceIn this format, you can send images, sound and short videos. Please note that there is a size limit for MMS, so your phone will reduce the size of the content to 300kb.


LTE: Long Term Evolution. This term is used for 4th generation networks, which is capable of transferring at a nominal speed of 326 Mbit/s (special network devices and optimal circumstances are needed). Theoretically, the highest available bandwith in Hungary is 75Mbit/s. At this speed, it is possible to upload/download bigger files and watch full HD videos.Be aware of the size of the data package with your subscription.

I live close to the border, and my phone switches to the neighboring contry's networks. What to do?

It may happen near the border that the coverage areas of foreign providers reach over to Hungary. The default setting of mobile devices is to select a network automatically. For this reason, devices may switch to foreign networks in these areas. For calls using foreign networks, we charge roaming fees, which causes additional costs.

To avoid this, please do not forget to switch the network selection feature to manual from automatic, and select Vodafone Hungary as your preferred network. I can find help to do this in the user manual of your device.

How does GPS work?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-aided system that makes it possible to define the exact location of a given device anywhere the planet.

GPS is integrated into navigation tools, and nowadays into mobile phones, too.GPS-based applications help users define their exact locations and plan travel routes.

If your device has a GPS-receiver, you only need an application that displays your location. Based on your address, you can also plan your trip. With additional applications, you can use positioning to even more things: upload photos to the social media showing your location, search for sights or visit recommended places nearby, etc.

There are no charges for the communication with GPS satellites, but most apps utilizing this service require an Internet connection to display the necessary information - this qualifies as regular Internet data traffic.

What is WiFi and how does it work?

WiFi is a wireless connection between information technology devices.


A WiFi connection is mostly used to share Internet access among devices. A WiFi-capable device can be a mobile phone, a laptop, a notebook, a tablets, or a WiFi router - specifically created equipment for this purpose.

If your phone is WiFi-enabled, you can connect to home networks or public networks. Many restaurants, etc. offer public WiFi access points.Internet access through a WiFi connection is not conducted on the Vodafone mobile network meaning that it does not have additional costs, does not reduce your credit, and the Internet connection does not depend on network coverage. It only depends on your location, i.e., if your within the reach of the WiFi.

If you want to access a WiFi point, turn on the WiFi feature of a WiFi-ready device. Your device will display the networks that have coverage at your location. The operator of the WiFi point may request a password.

If you can't find the option to turn on WiFi on your device, visit our Device Support page.

How can I copy phone numbers from the SIM card to a phone with Android operating system?

It is important to note that in case of the Android operating system, the method of copying the SIM address book to the device may differ by manufacturers. In general, the feature can be found under the Contacts menu.

On a Samsung device with Android 2.3.3, select (tap) Menu (More options)
then select Import/Export > Import from SIM card. In the list that appears (SIM contacts list)
select contacts and then select "Import".


Please note that the process may differ by individual devices. If you can't find the import option, it is worth checking the user manual of the device.


To ensure the safety of your contacts, we recommend that contacts be synced
with the storage space of an email account.This can be done with VodaMail and our Google account offers a similar service.

Where can I check the network coverage available at my location?

You can find this info on the coverage map of Hungary's fastest network.After entering the address and selecting from the various networks at the bottom of the map, you can view the status of Vodafone's coverage at the specified location.

The coverage data on the map is for informational purposes only; due to the peculiarities of mobile networks, local coverage can be adversely affected by buildings, topography and the weather conditions.

You can test the coverage with certain mobile Internet packages in the given area. If you are not happy with the coverage, you can cancel the package. Find more information here.

What is a tablet?

A tablet is a device with a large screen that was devedoped mostly for surfing the Internet. On tablets, email applications and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) have a priority. Most tablets can not be used for making calls.


Vodafone offers a wide range of tablets with the best available rates. For more details, click here.

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