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The Vodafone websites - hereafter referred to as: websites - are protected by the copyright law, any related propriety rights are exclusively owned by Vodafone Hungary Mobile Communications Ltd, hereinafter referred to as: Vodafone Hungary. Vodafone Hungary gives preliminary - but neither exclusive nor transferrable - written permission to the user to download the website in its original format to his/her computer for personal use, store it there or print it, but does not give permission to make it accessible to a third party in any format.This user permission allows the use and archiving of the original version of the website only.



The Vodafone brand is a registered trademark both in text and graphics formats. The owner of the trademark is Vodafone Group Plc. Based on the Trademark Agreement signed by Vodafone Ireland Marketing Limited with the authorization of Vodafone Group Plc, Vodafone Hungary Mobile Communications Ltd. is entitled to use these trademark in Hungary.The names - partly in text format, partly graphics - of the products and service packages are the registered trademarks of Vodafone Hungary.None of the above mentioned trademarks can be used without a prior written approval of Vodafon Hungary, or of Vodafone Group Plc in certain cases.Unlawful use will result in legal consequences as described by the copyright, civil and penal law.


Right to amend the disclaimer:

Vodafone Hungary reserves the right to amend the information on this website any time, without prior notice. While trying to make its best efforts to keep the content of this website up-to-date, Vodafone Hungary does not guarantee and does not provide assurance of it. Vodafone Hungary does not guarantee that the information and data provided here give a definite and full description of the complete or partial business, service or activity. The data and information on this website can not be considered as the company's advice to use certain services or suggest specific behavior to subscribers. In all cases, clients should make sure if the services they request meet their needs the best way possible.Vodafone Hungary Mobile Communications Ltd. reserves the right to amend, supplement or cancel its services without prior notice, provided that the General Terms of Agreement allow it. Vodafone Hungary does not take responsibility for typographical errors on the website, or any unathorized changes made to the website due to causes outside of the control of Vodafone Hungary.


Collection and use of data:

The user acknowledges and expressly agrees by using the services on the website that he or she is a client of Vodafone Hungary even if otherwise is not a subscriber of the mobile phone service of the company. Vodafone Hungary informs its clients that data collection is conducted at several points of the website. To order or use certain services, registration is necessary where certain personal data must be supplied. Vodafone Hungary uses these data for providing the requested service only, and if the client gave approval, its own marketing activities, direct marketing, market research purposes, and uses the data to inform the client via phone calls or other communication methods (e.g., SMS, MMS, e-mail), through its automated call center, or by regular mail.The data shall not be forwarded to third parties without the prior information and agreement of the owner of the data. The owner of the data can request the deletion, modification or disclosure of his/her data by mail at Vodafone Hungary, 1476 Budapest, Pf.:350., or via email at ugyfelszolgalat.hu@vodafone.com, as defined by data protection and telecommunications law.The data collected through the website is exclusively owned by Vodafone Hungary Mobile Communications Ltd..


Signing up to the newsletter:

To sign up to our newsletter, it is necessary to fill in the registration form. During registration, we can ask for the contact information of the user. We use the requested information to send the newsletter to the location specified.



There are links on our website to other companies' websites. Vodafone Hungary is not responsible for the privacy and data management practices of other websites.The above Privacy Policy refers to the websites of Vodafone Hungary Ltd. only.



Vodafone Hungary takes all necessary measures to protect the personal data of its clients from unauthorized access. The different database access levels within our company also serve the protection of your personal data. As a result, only appointed employees are given access to personal data, and only to the necessary extent.


Limitation of liability:

Clients can use the websites at their own risk. Considering the free, informational nature of the website, Vodafone Hungary is void of all legal claims related to the life, physical injuries or health risk caused by severe negligence while using this website.



Disputes resulting from these terms and conditions that can not be settled out of court shall be jugded by the court with jurisdiction.